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Watch ABC News 24 Live

Its good to watch and it does great political stories.

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Time for a Labor Government

Well, it is time for a Labor/Green government. The Budget 2014 hit those who could afford it least. Time for a change!

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Simple Things made for Simple People

How about a range of simple products or products with a “simple” mode. Basic only functions instead of the complete range of complex functions. This mode could apply to cars, televisions, air conditioners and a range of appliances…printers, the list goes on.

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Australia needs to be an Independent Country in a time of War or Sanctions

We need car manufacturers and clothing, fabric and food producers.i.e. canneries, at least.

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Welfare Budget Cuts and a Pro Big Business Budget

Big business set to profit while welfare and low-middle income earners are set to face big cuts.

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How about Aquarium Water?

Save the amateur a lot of stress. Sell it in 5 litre bottles.

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Marriage Age 16!

If children can have sex at 16, how about letting them do it within the marriage vow?

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How about Adult Adoption?

Bringing families together as adults.

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