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Senate About to Change

“Currently the Senate is made up of 34 Coalition Senators, 31 Labor Senators and 11 cross bench Senators, but from 1 July there will be 33 Coalition Senators, 25 Labor Senators and 18 cross bench Senators” Penny Wong 2014.

Well, what hope do we have?



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No luck on Double Dissolution

It appears that the current government has to call the double dissolution and they are refusing and it is a long wait to the next election. I hope that labor can block the budget. Praying for a good government. Please join me.

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Carers about to get the axe!

The Liberals are going to send carers back to work. Fight back and vote Labor the next chance you get. When I get older I want my daughter to be able to care for me.

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Waiting for Labor

Getting a lot of free information from Labor. Haven’t heard back about joining online yet. Still waiting to become a member.

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Government to Cut $65 Million from Military Pensions

Cuts found by Labour in Budget papers, so much for all that public niceness by Mr Abbott to Veterans.

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