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A 2007 Federal Election Candidate


Respecting People

I enjoyed the running in theĀ 2007 election. After only 3 weeks of campaigning I secured enough votes to arrive fifth in a field of seven, thanks for the support. I’m an independant on a DVA War Widows Pension and I’d like to have some feedback on these ideas.

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Policy Ideas and Interests

Voting from the age of 16

Sibling Information for Adopted Children: Applicants to know the details of other brothers and sisters even if the parent/s refuse to be contacted

Non-government marriage agreements/contracts i.e. religious, legal, or individual to be accepted by the government in its processes

Children and partners entitled to division of assets on split of relationship

On-line home education option for K-12

Australian Rights Law: Landownership and basic self sufficent home unit (land/home to be allocated individually on reaching maturity, landownership provides self support opportunities and civil stability), freedom of speech, press and assembly, that does not incite illegal behaviour.

Student assessment of secondary and upper primary teachers

Australian Federal and State Government Office of Government Policy Change Requests-Public Register (Public Requests for Law Changes)

Certified Organic Food Industry to be Tax Exempt for 8 Years

Govenor-General to be replaced by public registration to call for election of a new government, possibly using Electoral Offices.

Australian Republic

Australian Building Code to require wider corridors, doorways and one level acess for mobility aids

Foster Children’s Rights, to able to leave foster system at own request with monitoring

14 years and over Independant Living Training: Financial, Domestic, Legal, Security and Social Units

Nursing Graduates to have final year fees paid by Federal Government, supplemental training of retired nurses or suitably experienced staff to carry out paperwork requirements for Nursing Staff (similar to Police Reception and Secretarial Staff)

Government Central Subsidy Centre: Advice and Applications for all Government Subsidies

Business Tenants Rights: For current leases to be maintained when redevelopment or sale of business premises occurs, subject to limited negotiation by both parties

Trade Apprentices assessed as meeting requirements to graduate to be registered as soon as possible

TAFE Build Your Own Home Course: Practical and Theoretical Components, federally funded

An increase in disabled parking bays and other facilities linked to the increase in permits issued

National Pyjama Day: Funds raised to provide Emergency Family Accommodation

Classes in the Park: Local artists, musicians, actors and those with skills to pass on, to be able to teach in parks with notice to Local Councils and City Administrators, so that facilities and local legal requirements can be met

Public Holiday: Aboriginal Reunion Day, 3rd Monday in September, a day for the government to facilitate by travel allowance the reunion of stolen generation, adopted and fostered indigenous children………Feedback requested:stories welcome

I would also like to see this extended to all children affected in this way by the Australian Government.

…………more of my ideas next page

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