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B Policy Interests

Disabled Persons Business Loans: To provide low interest loans for businesses specifically suitable for the disabled customer and to help with paperwork for patents and development of disability aids occuring during business operation

Universty Fees & HELP/HECS Fees: Simple flat rate affordable university fees for students applicable to existing HELP/HECS Loans. I would prefer cancellation of all outstanding loans and free university education.

Salary of a soldier killed or injured in the line of duty and unable to continue in current position to continue to be paid to the soldier or the family

For soldiers on rotation at home to be offered music tuition, this would encourage family and social interaction, and cultural development opportunities

To lower the voting age by two years from 18 to 16 to allow young people to vote about education and employment policy

24/7 Community Recreation Centre Access: Free or subsidised by Federal Government for Forums, Cultural Activities, Films, Discussion Groups, especially for younger people and shift workers.

Global Family Exchange Program: To implement a program for an entire family to swap homes with a family from another country with access to governmental services, to encourage governmental and cultural exchanges

Industrial Ventilation Standards to apply to the Personal Grooming Industry

Specially designed hub style housing for disabled with private title, funding  provided by the Federal Government, to implement self sustaining networks

Humanitarian Services Policy: Promoting and subsidising Public Benches, Drinking Fountains, Public Toilets and other facilities and implementing the provision of simple ablutions in smaller shops and stores

Low Level Checkouts for injured and disabled staff and customers in wheelchairs

Australian Immigrants, Working Holiday Visa holders and those on a Temporary Protection Visa to have one elected member in the House of Representatives

End Parliamentary pensions, retired parliamentarians to find alternate employment, until they  acknowledge how difficult it is.

Public Facilities to have bus to home door delivery at night.

Resident Notices on Local Councils: 30 days absolute response time for councils to act and reply to residents concerns over public area maintenance, system to be instituted and maintained by Federal Government

Government to subsidise laptop purchases for students with healthcare cards, tax rebates are not usually accessable for this group

Overseas Education Policy: To send English Language and other teachers into refugee camps, so that refugees are better educated when they return to their country or migrate

Military Second Wave Strategy Population Survival: Agricultural and scientific educators to be sent into areas occupied by Australian Army to assist local population with new conditions

Dentist Business Setup Loans: To be repaid by dental services to Health Care Card Holders

Fund overseas english langage classes in other nations where such courses are not available

Please Note: Centrelink currently exempts Homeschooling parent /guardian from work and study

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