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D Mortgage Belt Hints-Update 27.9.2009

Brush teeth and rinse your mouth with Rock Salt, also cleans the toilet bowl. I got mine for around $1 a kilogram from Kakulis Brothers in Northbridge.

Buy bulk grains and lentils from Kakulis Sis, 5% off most sacks. Most orders in full sacks phone through, or visit and place your order and have a look around. Rice in three different sack sizes available all of the time. Also sells bulk spices and herbs. Most items sold straight from the sack, smells amazing there! Nollamara, Hillsborough Avenue.

Soak legumes for 6-8 hours in tap temperature water, rinse and boil for 20 minutes in a pot. I just put 2 bowls of legumes on the counter each night to soak for the next day.

Buy good tightly sealed food storage containers, large ones 10-20 litres available from Bunnings or an electrical food sealer from most electrical goods stores.

A food dehydrator can be fun as well, electrical goods stores again.

Breville bread oven keeps my kitchen/lounge warm and means that I don’t shop and use the car as often.

Fruit and veg available in larger quantities and at an excellent price, potatoes in 10 kg sacks from Benara Fruit and Veg at corner of Beechboro and Benara Road.

To make the top of the stove and some items of furniture really shine up well, damp dust with water and a small amount of olive oil, bought on special in 3-4litre containers. Cheaper than any household polishes.

I made my own tea towels and cloth serviettes from waffle weave fabric I bought at Spotlight.

I buy wheat in sacks and grind it for cereal with an electric grinder, I bought a Kenwood attatchment for the Kenwood Chef, I understand that there are good electrical and manual grinders out there. Try E-bay.

Vegetable Soup: 3 cups chopped vegetables, 2 cups of water, simmer 15 minutes and mash or blend. Try three cups of water if the vegetables are floury like potatoes. Soup can be thinned with water or thickended with flour, when using flour, mix flour with a little water in a cup and stir quickly into the soup, while simmering, you could also add rolled barley. Broad/Fava Beans and Parkinson’s Disease, seems like Levadopa is in the fresh Fava beans and can replace medication doses, please read full article and do some research. Make sure that you’re absolutely happy with this one, and if all else fails, it was always food anyway. Best eaten, fresh sweet and young. ( Article probably not there anymore)

Use Olive Oil as a hair conditioner, its very strong, so apply lightly. It makes your hair curl and it loses that worn out look at the ends. Just brush it up from underneath and the ends, don’t put any on the top of your head or it will look like it hasn’t been washed.

Napisan in the white container is also good for soaking polyester and cotton covered quilts and pillows. 1/3 fill the washing machine with warm water and napisan about 2 caps, then put in the pillows or quilts and fill the machine with water. Soak (don’t wash) for two hours and then drain and spin. Refill with fresh water soak about 10 minutes. Then spin and hang, or lay out flat to dry.

Add fragrance to your laundry by adding a laundry bag with fresh herbs in it or try some different oils, I use eucalyptus in towels, try Rose or others, I have heard Mandarin oil smells nice.

Cheap, greenie and marvelous, took about 5 years off my face in about three nights, Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, throw away the chemicals in pots. I’m really happy with this so far, found it in Coles, in a lot of supermarkets and chemists, try health food section, baby care section or ask at service desk, in red container. Made in Brisbane Queensland.

Mouthwash: water with Rock Salt, mouthrinse Rosemary fresh from the garden, very nice, in a glass of water.

Hints welcome in Comment Box.

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