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Waiting for Labor

Getting a lot of free information from Labor. Haven’t heard back about joining online yet. Still waiting to become a member.

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Government to Cut $65 Million from Military Pensions

Cuts found by Labour in Budget papers, so much for all that public niceness by Mr Abbott to Veterans.

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Waiting for Labor, Watching for Liberal

Just waiting now for things to change. Watching ABCNews, Parlimentary Question Time in the House of Representatives.

The Labor Party will put through a bill to protect the education sector from cuts. Hope to see it carried through the Senate. In the House of Representatives it will need support from members of the Liberal Party and the Coalition Government.

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Jiggery Pokery from the Liberal Federal Government

Jiggery Pokery means dodging and cheating and that is exactly what the Liberal Federal Government is doing.

Now we need to support the Australian Labor Government, the ALP. I have signed up for the Labor Low-Cost Online membership which hasn’t been decided yet, they will let me know by email when it is decided and I have volunteered to help out next election day. They do need to correct some of the details on their site.

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Budget Savings:Three Out of Four Dollars from Welfare Sector

It appears that welfare recipients are the ones paying for Liberal policies. An unfair division.

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What is a Double Dissolution and How Do We Get One?

I think it it is time for a new government!

How about a Double Dissolution so we can call for a new government via a fresh election.

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Voluntary GP Visit Contribution

How about the Labor Party make a payment to the GP of $7 or any amount a voluntary contribution rather than scrap it altogether. This way we could still support a medical research fund if we chose.


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Time for a Labor Government

Well, it is time for a Labor/Green government. The Budget 2014 hit those who could afford it least. Time for a change!

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Sign a Petition to Support Australian Universities!

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Simple Things made for Simple People

How about a range of simple products or products with a “simple” mode. Basic only functions instead of the complete range of complex functions. This mode could apply to cars, televisions, air conditioners and a range of appliances…printers, the list goes on.

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